Best BMX Handlebars

How to Find the Best BMX Handlebars

Upgrading your BMX handlebar can offer a noticeable impact on performance and comfort. In our guide on how to find the best BMX handlebars, we will explore the top models on the market.

We will look at things you should consider before you purchase a BMX handlebar and find out why replacing your handlebar can offer a noticeable improvement on your bike.

If you want a quick overview of the handlebars we will review later on, have a look at the table below.

At a Glance: 7 of the Best BMX Handlebars in 2022

Handlebar Best for… Width Rise More Info
SE Bikes Power Wing Bar Best overall BMX Handlebar 30 inches 9 inches Find out more
Odyssey 49er 4-PC 9 Inch Rust Proof Blk Best four piece BMX handlebar 29 inches 9 or 9.5 inches Find out more
KLT BMX Bike Handlebar Best multicolor BMX handlebar 28 inches 8.8 inches Find out more
Black Ops MX359 BMX Handlebar Best Chromoly BMX handlebar 27 inches 8 inches Find out more
ODYSSEY Ten Four Bars 4-Piece 10 Black Best BMX handlebar for freestyling 30 inches 10 inches Find out more
UPANBIKE MTB Extra Long Handlebar Best budget BMX handlebar 27.5 inches 2 inches Find out more
SE Bikes Super Big Honkin’ Cruiser Bar Chrome Best oversized BMX handlebar 31 inches 7 inches Find out more

Selection Criteria

There are a lot of BMX handlebars available, and a quick search will yield countless results. This is why we have had to be strict on the criteria we have used for our list of the best handlebars for your BMX. The criteria we have used includes:

  • Two-piece and four-piece – BMX handlebars come with either a two-piece or a four-piece construction, and we have included both types on our list.
  • Cost – We have also reviewed BMX handlebars at different price points, including pricey models and budget handlebars if you don’t have much money to spend.
  • Material – BMX handlebars can be made from Chromoly, aluminum, or carbon fiber, and all three materials are on our list of the best handlebars.
  • Rise and Width – These are two of the most important things when deciding on a BMX handlebar, and there is an assortment of the different rise and width dimensions on the handlebars below.

Why Replace Your BMX Handlebar?

A BMX handlebar is one of the most common BMX components that bike owners replace. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, replacing your handlebar can have practical advantages if you find that your existing handlebar slips and moves; replacing it is often the best option.

Also, BMX handlebars, similar to tires, aren’t that expensive compared to many other parts of the bike. You can pick up a new handlebar for a few dollars, and even the high-quality BMX handlebars won’t set you back a ton of money.

So, if you notice your handlebar slipping and moving and want to give your BMX a significant upgrade for a small price, the handlebar is a good place to start.

Things to Consider Before Buying a BMX Handlebar

Before we jump into our top BMX handlebars that will significantly enhance your riding experience, there are some things to think about first.

Rise and Width

The geometry of a BMX handlebar plays a massive role in how it will perform and your overall comfort level. There are two parts to this – the width and the rise.

The handlebar width impacts control, and the general rule is that the wider the handlebar, the more control you will have.

Most BMX handlebars have a width of 27 to 30 inches, although you can find wider oversized handlebars (we have even included one on our list below). Wider bars can be a hindrance if you regularly spin and throw, and you might opt for a narrower model.

The rise is the height from the stem to the highest part of the handlebar. A shorter bar is often better for performing certain tricks on your BMX; however, a taller handlebar can offer more comfort depending on your height.


The good thing about BMX handlebars is that the cost is often a lot lower than many other components. For example, BMX cranks can be much more expensive than buying a new handlebar.

That being said, you should factor in your budget when looking for a new handlebar for your BMX. Think about what you can afford to pay and try to stick within that price range as much as possible.


Another important aspect of buying a new BMX handlebar is the material that it is made from. You usually find BMX handlebars made from three materials:

  • Carbon fiber
  • Aluminum
  • Chromoly

The most durable material is Chromoly which is high-carbon steel, and this provides the best combination of strength and performance. Aluminum isn’t as durable, but it is very light, although these handlebars can start to bend after prolonged use.

Lastly, Carbon Fiber is used by many street racers as it is a very lightweight material for a BMX handlebar, but it can break quite easily.

Four-Piece vs Two-Piece

Lastly, you need to consider the difference between a two-piece and a four-piece handlebar.

Two-piece handlebars are very common, and they are usually lighter than a four-piece model. If you want a lightweight handlebar for your BMX, a two-piece construction is usually best.

However, you will find some handlebars with a four-piece construction. These handlebars have two long tubes alongside two other tubes. These are often heavier than a two-piece handlebar, so they do come with extra weight.

7 Best BMX Handlebars

SE Bikes Power Wing Bar – Best Overall BMX Handlebar

SE Bikes Power Wing Bar - Best Overall BMX Handlebar

The SE Bikes Power Wing Bar is our top pick for a new BMX handlebar, and we like this model for several reasons.

Firstly, it is incredibly stylish and would be a fantastic addition to any BMX if you are looking for an aesthetic model. This handlebar gives off a classic BMX feel; however, the width and rise help to increase overall comfort levels and performance.

Made from Chromoly, this is a durable and robust handlebar and will last even with consistent use. If you are into BMX jumping, the back and upsweep are perfect for this too.

This Power Wing Bar is ideal for dirt biking, racing, and freestyling and is an all-round significant component that will noticeably enhance your BMX.


  • Strong and durable construction
  • Has a classic BMX look
  • Great comfort and performance


  • This handlebar is a bit expensive compared to other models

Odyssey 49er 4-PC 9 Inch Rust Proof Blk – Best Four Piece BMX Handlebar

Odyssey 49er 4-PC 9 Inch Rust Proof Blk - Best Four Piece BMX Handlebar

Next is the Odyssey 49er 4-PC 9 Inch Rust Proof Blk, which is our pick if you want a four-piece BMX handlebar.

This model is slightly heavier than the two-piece handlebars on our list; however, it has many advantages, and you can see why so many people opt for this component.

The durability of the 49er is incredible, and it certainly has a claim for being the most durable handlebar on our list. It is relatively lightweight even for a four-piece handlebar, while the welded caps provide added power and reduced flex.

We also love how this handlebar looks, and it gives off a modern design.

A potential downside is the four-piece construction, and while this is a lighter handlebar, it will still weigh more than most two-piece models.


  • Has a nice modern design
  • Durable and will last a long time
  • Welded caps help to reduce flex
  • Available at a reasonable cost


  • The four-piece construction might not be for everyone

KLT BMX Bike Handlebar – Best Multicolored BMX Handlebar

KLT BMX Bike Handlebar - Best Multicolored BMX Handlebar

Ok, if you want to make a big statement in how your handlebar looks and drastically enhance the aesthetic of your BMX, the KLT BMX Bike Handlebar is exactly what you need.

Made from chromium-molybdenum steel, this is also a very durable handlebar, and it can withstand the rigors of BMX riding. The width is towards the lower end of the scale, so it might not be as comfortable for some people.

You can also pick this handlebar up at a reasonable cost. It isn’t the cheapest on our list, but it won’t set you back hundreds of dollars either.

However, the overall strength and beautiful, if not striking, aesthetic ensures this handlebar is perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement with their BMX design.


  • Beautiful multicolor design
  • Crafted from high-strength chromium-molybdenum steel
  • This handlebar is budget-friendly


  • Narrow than some other handlebars, so this might impact on comfort

Black Ops MX359 BMX Handlebar – Best Chromoly BMX Handlebar

Black Ops MX359 BMX Handlebar - Best Chromoly BMX Handlebar

The Black Ops MX359 BMX Handlebar is a fantastic Chromoly option, and it also doubles up as our top pick for a beginner-friendly handlebar.

Offering a fairly basic design, this is a great choice if you want an understated but practical model. The material means that this is a very durable handlebar for your BMX, so you shouldn’t need to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

Also, it only weighs 2.4 lbs, making it ideal for those who want a lightweight option.

More experienced BMXers will most likely look past the Black Ops MX, but for beginners and those who want a Chromoly model at a cheap cost, it is hard to look past this handlebar for value and performance.


  • Ideal handlebar for beginners
  • Strong construction and Chromoly design
  • Lightweight and weighs just 2.4lbs


  • This isn’t a great handlebar for more experienced bikers

UPANBIKE MTB Extra Long Handlebar – Best Budget BMX Handlebar

UPANBIKE MTB Extra Long Handlebar - Best Budget BMX Handlebar

Not everyone has a ton of money to spend on an upgrade for their BMX, and this is why we have included the UPANBIKE MTB Extra Long Handlebar on our list.

This BMX component is available at a very attractive price, so if you need to upgrade your handlebar but don’t have much money to spend, this is the option for you. Aside from the low cost, this handlebar is available in four different colors, giving you some great options to enhance the look of your BMX.

The durability of this handlebar isn’t as good as some other models as it is made from Aluminum Alloy. You may find the handlebar bending after using it for a while, but for the price, you can’t expect an exceptionally tough BMX handlebar. The rise is also relatively short, which might not suit everyone.

However, for a small cost, you can get an upgraded part for your BMX that looks great, performs pretty well, and isn’t going to set your budget back too much.


  • Very cheap BMX handlebar
  • Is available in several colors


  • Made from Aluminium, so isn’t the most durable
  • The rise is quite short

ODYSSEY Ten Four Bars 4-Piece 10 Black – Best BMX Handlebar for Freestyling

ODYSSEY Ten Four Bars 4-Piece 10 Black - Best BMX Handlebar for Freestyling

Freestyling is a popular form of BMXing, and the ODYSSEY Ten-Four Bars 4-Piece 10 Black handlebar is ideal for this type of sport.

Strength and durability are assured with the multi-butted traditional 7/8″ crossbar, while the handlebar has also been heat treated.

Like the other Odyssey handlebar on our list, this model is a four-piece construction that adds extra weight. However, overall the way that this handlebar has been made does provide extra comfort while riding your BMX.

Also, the 30-inch width makes it ideal for taller riders. Some BMX handlebars can come in a little narrow, which makes freestyling uncomfortable, but the Odyssey ten-four is a great width for this purpose.


  • Good BMX handlebar for freestyling
  • Durable and offers enhanced strength
  • Ideal for taller riders with 30-inch width


  • Four-piece construction might not be to everyone’s tastes

SE Bikes Super Big Honkin’ Cruiser Bar Chrome – Best Oversized BMX Handlebar

SE Bikes Super Big Honkin' Cruiser Bar Chrome - Best Oversized BMX Handlebar

The final BMX handlebar on our list is the SE Bikes Super Big Honkin’ Cruiser Bar Chrome. With a width of 31 inches, it is our pick for the best-oversized BMX handlebar.

If you need a durable oversized handlebar for your BMX, the Chromoly construction of this model is perfect. It can withstand the rigors of BMX riding while still maintaining a good condition alongside excellent performance.

This handlebar’s increased height and width provide great control and comfort, while the handlebar is available in chrome-plated or powder-coated black.

The SE Bikes Super Big Honkin’ Cruiser Bar Chrome is at the higher end of the pricing structure for a BMX handlebar. You won’t need to shell out a ton of money, but it is a bit more expensive than some other models. Although, for the performance that you get, it does represent good value for money.


  • Ideal if you want an oversized model
  • Durable and will last a long time
  • Offers enhanced control and comfort
  • Available in two color scheme


  • This handlebar is a bit expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What Makes a Good BMX Handlebar?

Answer: A good BMX handlebar should be durable (which means usually made from Chromoly), a comfortable height for the rider, and the width should match the width of your shoulders.

Question: What Handlebars are Good for Freestyle Tricks?

Answer: The best handlebars for freestyle tricks are generally those that provide the most width. Increased width is ideal for better control which is essential for performing tricks and handlebars 27 inches or over is generally recommended.

Question: What Handlebars are Best for BMX Racing?

Answer: If you need a handlebar for BMX racing, the width limit is 29 inches which is set by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). Lightweight handlebars are often favored by many BMX racers.

Question: Why Should I Replace my BMX Handlebar?

Answer: If you find that your BMX handlebar is slipping, moving, or if it is just in poor condition, a replacement can help increase the control and aesthetic of your bike.

Question: What are BMX Handlebars Made From?

Answer: BMX handlebars are available in three different materials: Chromoly, aluminum, and carbon fiber. Chromoly is the most durable, while aluminum is very lightweight, and carbon fiber is suited for street racing.

Question: What Size BMX Handlebars Should I Get?

Answer: This depends on no your height. Usually, a width of 28 inches is fine for most people; however, if you are particularly tall, a handlebar with 30 inches or more width will offer better comfort.

Question: Are BMX Handlebars Expensive?

Answer: No. BMX handlebars are one of the most cost-effective BMX components. Compared to some parts and accessories for your BMX, a new handlebar is likely to be among the cheapest upgrades.

Question: Can I Fit a BMX Handlebar Myself?

Answer: Yes. If you feel comfortable making alterations to your BMX, you can fit a handlebar on your own. If you don’t feel confident doing this, it is better to get someone who knows what they are doing to help.

Question: Will I Get a Warranty with My BMX Handlebar?

Answer: Most BMX handlebars come with a warranty, but it can differ between manufacturers and retailers. Make sure you check the warranty period before you purchase a new BMX handlebar.

Our Verdict: Which is the Best BMX Handlebar?

The best BMX handlebar is the SE Bikes Power Wing Bar.

This handlebar comes out at the top of our list for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it offers a stylish and classic design, and it will fit in brilliantly with any type of BMX. The handlebar is also made from Chromoly, which provides an added layer of durability, and this is the best material you can have for a handlebar.

Even though it is a little bit more expensive than some other BMX handlebar models, the fact that you can use this handlebar for dirt biking, racing, and freestyling means it is our top choice if you want to upgrade your bike.