Cult BMX Review

Cult BMX Review and Guide

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In the BMX world, Cult has made a huge impact with its unique image and quality parts. The high-end parts such as Cult x Vans tires, Cult aftermarket gear, and ODI grips take Cult’s performance and rideability to another level.

Cult produces different sizes of BMX bikes ranging from 12” to 29”. This means that whether you are an adult or a kid, you are covered. This is one brand of BMX that will meet your riding requirements.

Bottom Line Up Front

Cult is a renowned BMX brand that produces high-quality bikes. It makes various BMX bikes ranging from racing, vert, street, and park to flatland riding. Whether you are a novice or an avid BMX rider, there’s an option for you.

Cult Juvenile 12” – 14” is the best BMX bike for young riders. It’s light enough for young shredders to maneuver different environments thanks to the 6061 aluminum frame. When young riders advance their skills they can then try out 16” – 18” Cult Juvenile BMX.

For adult riders, I recommend Cult Control BMX. The bike is fitted with a range of quality aftermarket parts. Equipped with fat beefy-looking 2.4” Cult x Vans tires the 20”, Control is a complete street machine. This is because the tires feature a classic Vans Waffle sole pattern that enhances grip in challenging areas.

Alternatively, if Cult bikes don’t meet your needs, you can try out Kink Gap BMX. The good thing about it is that it’s best for both adults and kids. Take note that it features a freecoaster meaning that you won’t struggle as you do tricks.

If you are looking for a race BMX then choose Mongoose Title BMX. The fully-fledged race BMX features sealed bearings with a BB86 bottom bracket bearing. For safety, it’s made of 4130 Chromoly steel.

Top 5 Cult BMX Bikes

In this review, I have highlighted the best Cult BMX bikes available in the market. This was after rigorous interviews with BMX dealers and research from the manufacturer’s website. There’s also a buyer’s guide in case you feel challenged when choosing the best BMX for your requirements.

Juvenile 12”-14” BMX

Juvenile 12”-14” BMX

This bike comes in either black or silver. It’s the best for any young shredder looking for his first quality BMX bike. To keep the bike’s weight down for smaller riders, Juvenile is made of a lightweight 6061 aluminum frame

It features solid parts with an aftermarket quality. The 2.3” Cult x Vans tires and Chromoly 3-piece cranks with sealed Mid-BB improve performance in any situation. An upgraded geometry (13.25” TT) and a short rear end make the bike suitable for kids.

For ample stopping power, it comes with a 990 rear U-brake and caliper hand brake. Other features include an integrated headset, front load stem, Cult 410 chain, and sealed mid bottom bracket.

If you want your kids to learn BMX riding, Cult Juvenile 12” BMX is the best starter bike. After they’ve outgrown the 12” they can then advance to the 14” Juvenile. Take note that there’s not much difference between the 2 sizes.


  • Available in black or silver
  • Lightweight 6061 aluminum frame
  • Solid parts with an aftermarket quality
  • 2.3” Cult x Vans tires
  • Upgraded geometry (13.25” Top Tube)


  • Not best for adults
  • Pricey

Juvenile 16”-18” BMX

Juvenile 16”-18” BMX

Do you want a bike for a 5 – 8 years old? If yes, Juvenile 16” – 18” is a choice that’s strong enough to take a thrashing. It can act as a starter bike or an upgrade for 12” – 14” BMX riders. The frame is light thanks to the 6061 aluminum material. This enables young riders to ride comfortably and smoothly.

Like the 12” – 14”, 16” – 18” Juvenile also comes with Cult x Vans tires and Chromoly 3-piece cranks featuring sealed Mid-BB. These enable the bike to perform well in any environment. You don’t have to worry about how to stop when cruising at high speeds thanks to the 990 rear U-brakes. Other features include a top load stem, 25T member style sprocket, 9T cassette hub, padded seat, and Cult logo.


  • Lightweight 6061 aluminum frame
  • Mini Cult Dehart grips
  • Chromo 3-piece cranks
  • 25T member style sprocket
  • 990 U-brake and integrated headset


  • Not best for long rides
  • The seat is not easily adjustable

Access BMX

Access BMX

Cult Access is the most suitable BMX for young riders looking for their first 20” wheeled bike. Built from sturdy hi-tensile steel, the BMX features a 20” Top Tube length. The Cult x Vans tires offer the best grip possible.

If you are a beginner or an intermediate rider who wants to have a blast on 2 wheels, then this is your bike of choice. Standard 25-9T gearing provides an awesome ratio for any BMX riding you’d like.

Access BMX comes with an integrated headset and a sealed bearing bottom bracket. That said, Cult grips, pedals, match rims, and chain make it a far much better BMX choice for many riders.


  • 2.40” Cult x Vans tires
  • 3-piece 170 MM crankset
  • 9T cassette hub and Cult 410 chain
  • Sealed mid bottom bracket
  • Integrated headset and 990 U-brake


  • Not best for adults
  • Not easy to assemble

Gateway BMX

Gateway Cult BMX

Would you like a Cult BMX with an all-rounder type of frame? Gateway’s frame comes reinforced with Chromoly at the front end. This enhances its strength making it suitable for stunts and tricks fans.

It features a 20.5” Top Tube which is good for the slightly shorter riders who enjoy responsiveness in their bikes. This cruiser is stacked up with loads of Cult parts such as Cult grips, nylon pedals, Cult 410 chain, and Cult match rims.

Other features include 990 rear U-brake, 2.4” Cult x Vans tires, and Chromoly cranks with sealed Mid-BB.


  • Sealed rear 9T cassette hub
  • 25T member style sprocket
  • 990 U-brake
  • Sealed front hub and mid bottom bracket
  • Chromoly cranks with sealed Mid-BB


  • Not best for taller riders
  • Pricey

Control BMX

Control Cult BMX Bike

Are you looking for a mid-range BMX put together with a range of aftermarket parts? If yes, then look no further. Cult Control BMX is a great option. The 20” cruiser is a complete street machine fitted with beefy-looking 2.4” Cult x Vans tires. They are designed with the classic Vans Waffle sole pattern.

For increased strength, it comes with a Chromoly frame with a 20.75” Top Tube and gussets at the top and down tube. There are also 4-piece bars with a 9” bar rise. Control BMX not only features a sealed front and rear hub with a 9T driver but also has a Chromoly 3-piece crank with 170 MM arms.

The Cult x Vans tires are grippy and durable with high-pressure sidewalls. Thanks to the pivotal seat system you can adjust the seat angle to your liking. Other features include a sealed headset, salvation forged stem, Chromoly cranks with sealed Mid-BB, and a 990 rear U-brake.


  • Cult 410 chain and 20.75” Top Tube
  • 4-piece bars featuring 9” bar rise
  • Removable 990 U-brake
  • Sealed front hub and mid bottom bracket
  • Integrated headset and Cult pivotal seat


  • Not best for kids
  • The seat is uncomfortable

Cult BMX Bike Buying Guide

It’s best to know the features and use of a bike you want before purchasing it. I have highlighted some of the most important factors that you need to put into consideration as you buy your favorite Cult BMX bike. They include:


As you plan on buying your bike take time to refer to the Cult BMX size guide. It enables you to choose the right bike for your height requirements. Keep in mind that BMX bikes are available in 4 different sizes together with respect to rider heights.


Steel is the most common material used to make BMX bikes. It not only has a low maintenance cost, but it’s also fatigue-resistant and durable. The second material is aluminum. It’s preferred because of its light and durable nature. Last, but not least, high-end BMXs feature carbon fiber and Chromoly 4130.


cult bmx bike frame

A Cult BMX bike’s frame is the key component that determines how well the bike will fit the rider. Freestyle Cult BMX frames are made of steel thanks to their strength and compliance. Cheaper bikes feature high tensile steel. It’s however, heavier and less strong compared to Chromoly steel (4130).

On the other hand, Cult Race BMX frames are made of aluminum which is light and stiff. It’s perfect for fast handling and quick acceleration. However, note that aluminum is not recommended for freestyle bikes. This is because it’s more brittle and more prone to damage.


Forks not only hold the front wheel but also extend through the frame to connect to the handlebars. They work together with the frame to support the rider.

Most BMX forks feature the same material used to make the frame. The only difference is that they are reinforced with thicker tubing and better welds to withstand harsh impacts.


handlebars cult

One of the defining features of any BMX bike is the handlebar. They have a tall rise with a bucket shape. For better control, they are designed and developed to be wide. Take note most handlebars come fully butted considering they are made of steel

This means that the tubing has varied thickness throughout the handlebar. This provides optimum strength in key stress points while maintaining a lightweight.


For handling hard hits to the wheels, you need to consider wider rims that are about 36 MM. Such a level of thickness offers more structural support even though it adds more weight to the bike. However, for freestyle BMX bikes, the standard 32 MM is more popular.

Tires are connected to the rims which are the outermost part of the wheel. Even though most rims are made of aluminum, some are anodized. This gives them a long-lasting and hard-wearing finish. The good thing about anodizing is that manufacturers can use bright and bold colors.

Spokes Count

To minimize damage, spokes add more structural strength to your BMX bike. 28 to 36 is the standard number of spokes in any Cult BMX bike. However, the number can go to an upwards of 48 depending on the abuse it’s handling.

Gear Ratio

Cult BMX bikes come with only one gear known as single-speed. The single gear requires little maintenance compared to mountain bike gear systems. The advantage of this gear is that the bike will be lighter.

Features of a Cult BMX drivetrain include a single sprocket with an average of 26 – 28 teeth and a bottom bracket. There’s also a chain designed to withstand high impact. To provide extra protection to the chain and sprocket, you can choose to have a sprocket guard.


Even though BMX brakes feature a simple design, they work effectively. Some Cult BMX bikes may come with a detangler or a Gyro. These allow the rider to spin the handlebars multiple times. That means you don’t need to untangle the cable afterward.

Most BMX bikes don’t have front brakes. This is because the front brakes aren’t required for most freestyle tricks. If you find the rear brakes are of no use you can remove them.

The most important thing in a BMX bike is the rim brake. It slows momentum when the pads contact the rim. Freestyle bikes come with rear U-brakes with a detangler or Gyro braking system. It means if you want to spin a full 360 degrees you can do so comfortably.

Thanks to the detangler function you don’t have to worry about the brake cable getting tangled. Therefore, you can try all the tricks you want including bar spins and tail-whips.



Cult BMX bikes feature flat pedals. They are made of metal or plastic to enable you to perform tricks involving taking your feet off the pedals. Consequently, they provide enough grip to secure your hard landings.

The metal bar connecting the pedals to the bottom bracket acts as a crank arm. Crank arms are not only essential to ensure the stability of the bike but they also create speed when pedaling. They also enable riders to perform technical tricks comfortably.


Pegs are great for tricks such as flatland or grinding. They are tubes that extend the hub axles.


To absorb impacts that come with freestyle, Cult BMX tires are wide and are designed to run at high pressures. To make Race BMX bikes faster, they come with slightly skinnier tires. Unlike freestyle bikes, they are less likely to land with great force.


As the central part of the wheel that houses bearings, hubs enable the wheel to spin. Where possible, to ensure durability and longer service life, go for sealed bearings.

Wheel Size

Most BMX bikes feature 20” wheels. However, to fit different riders appropriately, there are also 12” to 24” diameter wheels.

How to Choose a Cult BMX Bike

best Cult BMX Bike

There are different categories of riders out there. Some are beginners getting their first-ever BMX while others are refreshers after taking off cycling. What’s important is to get a bike that matches your skill level. This is because the components are made to handle your riding.


This is the starter’s level in the Cult BMX world. If you want to do some bunnyhop up and off gutters or some small jumps, then this is the level. You get to learn and understand basic riding skills.


This is the next level after conquering the basics. Here you can do a few flyout tricks. You can also start making more moves on the streets or at a skate park. This is inclusive of jumps that are a little bigger.


This is for the professional/experienced rider. You can ride on trails, on streets, or at a park. Here, riders are keen to push tricks and jumps to ensure you move to an advanced level.

Cult BMX Bikes FAQs

Question: Does Cult Produce Quality BMX Bikes?

Answer: Yes it does. Cult, a popular BMX brand, manufactures quality BMX bikes and components. A good example is the Cult Devotion which is a favorite for many BMX riders.

Question: Is there a Suitable Cult BMX Bike Size for Me?

Answer: You need a bike that fits you to ride at your best level. The fitting size depends on your height.

I have highlighted a brief guide below for the bike size and respective rider height:

• 20” bike best for riders with 4’10” – 5’6” height.
• 20.25” bike best for riders with 5’3” – 5’9” height.
• 20.5” bike best for riders with 5’3” – 6’ height.
• 20.75” bike best for riders with 5’6” – 6’3” height.
• 21” bike best for riders with 5’9” – 5’4” height.

Question: Who Is The Owner of Cult BMX?

Answer: Robbie Morales owns Cult BMX.

Question: Are Cult BMX Bikes Made In China?

Answer: No they are not. They are made in the United States. This is where Cult offers a wealth of American-made frames. They include Death Row (made by Solid) and Bad Boy (made by FBM).

Bottom Line

Being a popular BMX brand, Cult manufactures high-quality BMX bikes and components. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, they have an option for you. As seen from the list above, their wide range of BMX bike sizes distinguishes them from other brands.

I recommend Cult Control BMX for adult riders. It’s fitted with a range of quality aftermarket parts. For example, it features 2.4” Cult x Vans tires which have a classic Vans Waffle sole pattern.

For young riders, Cult Juvenile 12” – 14” is the best BMX bike. It features a 6061 aluminum frame that is light enough for young shredders to maneuver in different environments. After enhancing their skills, they can then advance to 16” – 18” Cult Juvenile BMX.

If you don’t find a Cult bike that meets your requirements, feel free to check out Kink Gap BMX. One good thing about it is that it’s best for both kids and adults. Additionally, it comes with a freecoaster meaning you’ll not struggle when carrying out your tricks.

Alternatively, you can choose the Mongoose Title BMX bike if you are looking for a Race BMX. It features sealed bearings with a BB86 bottom bracket combined with 4130 Chromoly steel.