Source BMX Review

Source BMX Review: Is This a Company You Can Trust?

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Source BMX Bikes was founded in 2003 by 2 brothers named Marc and Rich Moore. The company has grown to offer the largest selection of BMX bikes on the market. It stocks BMX parts and accessories ranging from frames, drivetrains, wheels, forks, stems, and seats to brake cables.

If you are in search of an online BMX bike shop with a wide range of bike accessories, then check out the Source BMX Bikes store. You can access any BMX product you want directly using their website. Take note that by buying their BMX components you are assured of a complete biking experience.

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Bottom Line Up Front

Go for the Mongoose Legion L40 BMX bike if you are new to BMX riding and want to buy your first bike. It comes with both front and rear U-brakes and a rotating hub in the front. In the event of a crash, the steel frame and alloy pedals are strong and durable to ensure minimum damage.

For young bikers aged between 5 to 8 years with a height of 4’ – 5’, Jet Accelerator Junior BMX is a great option. It’s designed and fitted with parts meant for junior riders. On the other hand, We The People Reason BMX is a good bike if you prefer getting a freestyle BMX for performing tricks and stunts.

Peruse this article to learn about other specialized bikes offered by Source BMX Bikes. You won’t lack an option, whether you are an avid or a novice rider.

10 Top Source BMX Bikes

Looking at the plethora of Source BMX Bikes options available in the market, it may be a challenge for you to choose the best bike.

I interviewed BMX bike enthusiasts and also did extensive research from the Source BMX Bikes website.

I was able to compile the following information to ensure you get the bike that satisfies you. Let’s get started!

Mongoose Legion L40: Best Beginner BMX Bike

Mongoose Legion L40

Are you new to BMX riding and looking for the best BMX bike to start with? If so, then Source BMX Bikes offer you Mongoose Legion L40. Like most freestyle BMXs, the Legion L40 comes with front and rear U-brakes together with a rotating hub in the front. These features allow worry-free handlebar spins and also get rid of tangled cables.

This bike has an all-black look wheelset with 36-spoke alloy wheels and smooth freestyle-oriented tires. The front and rear hubs are fitted with 2 pegs each making Legion L40 ready for grinds and stalls. What distinguishes it from the rest is the drivetrain which features a 25/9 cassette setup with small sprockets. This provides short bursts of speed when trying to get sufficient air in a limited space.

It’s fitted with a 3-piece tubular pair of crank tubes and a full alloy 2-finger brakeset. The 21-speed SRAM grip shifters, steel frame, and alloy pedals are strong and durable, especially in the event of crashes. To understand this bike better, check the pros and cons.


  • Front and rear U-brakes with a rotating hub in the front
  • 36-spoke alloy wheels
  • 25/9 cassette setup with small sprockets
  • 3-piece tubular pair of crank tubes and alloy pedals
  • 21-speed SRAM grip shifters and a full alloy 2-finger brakeset


  • Pricey
  • Not best for professional riders

Jet Accelerator Pro: Best Pro-Level Race BMX Bike

Jet Accelerator Pro

Would you like a light and dependable Pro-sized Race BMX bike? If yes, then Accelerator Pro is a great option for you. It’s one of the most affordable pro-level racing BMX bikes from Source BMX. I recommend it to adult riders with a height of 5’8” – 6’ (170 CM – 185 CM).

This BMX features a race-specific geometry with a light and durable frame made of 6061 heat-treated aluminum. Take note that the aluminum top cap comes with a sealed integrated headset measuring 1-1/8-inches. For optimum power transfer, Accelerator Pro has 3-piece tubular cranks and tough Cr-Mo handlebars. They help maintain an excellent strength to weight ratio.

It rolls on a set of fully sealed 1.75” wheels with double-wall 36-spoke rims. One benefit of this bike is that all parts and accessories are standard-sized. This means that you can fit it with any after-market BMX component. If you want a high-quality and race-friendly BMX bike, then look no further than Accelerator Pro.


  • Light and durable aluminum frame
  • Sealed integrated headset 1-1/8”
  • 3-piece tubular cranks and Cr-Mo handlebars
  • 1.75” wheels with double-wall 36-spoke rims
  • Race-specific geometry


  • Not best for kids
  • The crankset requires regular replacement

Jet Accelerator Junior: Best Kid’s BMX Bike

Jet Accelerator Junior

Do you have kids that want to start BMX riding? If yes, then I recommend you get them the Jet Accelerator Junior BMX bike. Source BMX offers this bike as a great choice for kids aged between 5 to 8 years (approximately 4’ – 5’ tall). Take note that it’s equipped with parts designed to fit little hands and feet.

For maximum weight to strength ratio, it’s made of a tough and light 6061 aluminum frame and hi-tensile steel forks. The aluminum junior race handlebars with a crossbar and 3-piece cranks make this BMX bike unique. Apart from the Square Taper Euro pedals, Jet Accelerator Junior also has sturdy Cr-Mo forks and an alloy 30 MM reach headset.

This bike runs on a light and sturdy 28-spoke, double-wall 1-1/8” wheelset. For ample braking power, it has welded alloy V-brakes. That said, the 20” wheels feature sealed bearings meaning that you don’t have to worry about them getting lost when performing your tricks. Keep in mind that the chainstay length is 13.5” while the top tube length is 18.5”.

To make riding easier and comfortable for young riders, this bike is fitted with a nylon seat having a 22.2 MM Mini Combo seat post. The good thing about this bike from Source BMX is that, if you want to customize any parts you can do so using after-market BMX components. Why? Because it is spec’d with standard BMX sizes and fits.


  • 6061 aluminum frame and hi-tensile steel forks
  • Aluminum Junior race handlebars with a crossbar
  • 3-piece cranks
  • Sturdy Cr-Mo forks featuring an alloy with a 30 MM reach headset
  • Nylon seat with a 22.2 MM Mini Combo seat post


  • Not best for adult riders
  • Uncomfortable seat

Verde J/V 16”: Best Youth BMX Bike

Verde JV 16

Look no further if you want a pocket-friendly 16-inch BMX bike that is not only stylish but also made of high-quality parts. Source BMX Bikes has the Verde J/V 16” that gets your BMX riding needs covered. To keep the weight down, its frame is made of 6061 aluminum while the bars and forks feature hi-tensile steel.

This BMX is equipped with 3-piece cranks to ensure strength and rigidity. That said, the Nylon Composite Mini Platform pedals are great for teenage riders. To add that smooth feeling when tearing up the parks or dirt jumps, Verde J/V 16” comes with fully sealed front and rear hubs.

The fancy appearance makes this bike a great choice for riders aged 7 – 14 years. What distinguishes it from the rest is the carefully selected parts that perfectly fit any teenage rider.


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Stylish with high-quality parts
  • 6061 aluminum frame
  • Hi-tensile steel bars and forks
  • 3-piece cranks


  • Difficult to remove the tires from the rim
  • Not ideal for long rides

We The People Reason: Best Freestyle BMX Bike

We The People Reason

Are you looking for a mid-class freestyle BMX bike with a freecoaster hub? If yes, We The People Reason allows you to ride fakie without pedaling thanks to the SaltPlus “PRO” freecoaster. It comes with a 20.75” long frame made of 4130 Cr-Mo together with an integrated headset, Mid-BB, and a seat clamp.

One good thing about this bike is that it features removable brakes. This means you can remove the brakes if you find them inconvenient to perform the tricks and stunts you want. A combination of a 3-piece crank with a high raised 4-piece street style handlebar made of 4130 Cr-Mo builds up a stable quality bike.

The wheelset features hub guards laced into a double-walled rim at the rear. Take note that this bike also has a fat pivotal seat and quality components such as U-brake and “Paragon Guard” alloy sprocket.

To make it a complete freestyle BMX, We The People Reason features short 160 MM cranks and steep 15 MM offset forks. The 76-degree headtube with a super short 12.75” chainstay makes it easy to ride and perform tricks. This is one of the best freestyle BMX bikes offered by Source BMX Bikes.


  • It features a SaltPlus “PRO” freecoaster
  • 20.75” long 4130 Cr-Mo frame
  • Integrated headset with Mid-BB and a seat clamp
  • Removable brakes
  • 4-piece street style handlebar and 3-piece crank


  • Not best for kids
  • There are cases of missing parts

Cult Juvenile 16”: Best Small-Sized BMX Bike

Cult Juvenile 16

This 16” Cult Juvenile BMX is a great bike for riders with a height of 125 CM to 150 CM. It’s one of the wide varieties of small BMXs from Source BMX Bikes. The light aluminum frame and handlebars make this bike good for learning little jumps in skate parks or riding pump tracks.

It comes with the famous Cult “Dehart” grips, Cult X Vans “Waffle” BMX tires, and Cult “Nylon” pedals. Keep in mind that both the integrated headset and mid-bottom bracket are sealed. This assures you of a stress-free ride. That said, solid parts with an aftermarket quality help minimize the maintenance cost.

Cult Juvenile 16” comes with a 12” chainstay, 10.8” bottom bracket height, and 71-degree seat tube angle. To make it comfortable for young riders, it features an 18” top tube length and 75-degree head tube angle.


  • Aluminum frame and handlebars
  • Cult X Vans “Waffle” tires and Cult “Nylon” pedals
  • Sealed integrated headset and mid-bottom bracket
  • 12” chainstay and 18” top tube length
  • 75-degree head tube angle


  • Not best for adult riders
  • Pricey

Kink Launch: Best Medium-Sized BMX Bike

Kink Launch

Designed as an entry-level BMX, Kink Launch is a great bike that enables riders to learn to ride on trails, skate parks, and streets. With a sealed integrated headset and a cassette with a 14 MM axle, you are assured of a smooth ride.

Source BMX Bikes has a wide variety of medium-sized bikes. However, the reason I highly rank Kink Launch BMX is because of its modern geometry. When combined with a superb balance of agility, comfort, and control it’s a great bike. Additionally, the 8.75” bars and Kink Stryker forks provide you with exceptional posture when riding.

Whether on a tarmac or a trail, this BMX handles all terrains excellently. Take note that it comes with Mission Covert and Function hubs that are stable and reliable. It also features Mission X7 rims wrapped in high grip 2.4” Kink Sever tires. They have enough traction that provides confidence to new riders.

The sealed mid-bottom bracket and the 3-piece tubular Chromoly crank help improve the bike’s performance. Take note that it’s recommended to ride Kink Launch on BMX tracks and skate parks. In most countries, it’s illegal to ride this bike on public roads. If you have to, then you must have both rear and front brakes in place.


  • Available in multiple color and size options
  • A cassette with a 14 MM axle
  • 8.75” bars and Kink Stryker forks
  • Mission Covert and Function hubs
  • Mission X7 rims and 2.4” Kink Sever tires


  • Illegal to ride on public roads
  • Not best for professional riders

DK Sprinter: Best Large-Sized BMX Bike

DK Sprinter

If you are a dedicated BMX rider who prefers a large-sized BMX bike, then consider the DK Sprinter series. It comes with an advanced design aluminum frame featuring an integrated headset and 3D dropouts. With this Source BMX Bike option, you won’t encounter tangled cables thanks to the internal cable routing.

To handle the abuse of casing a jump or hitting the curb cut in front of your house, DK Sprinter features Chromoly forks. Apart from having sealed bearings, this bike also has forged alloy 2-piece cranks and DK Blender PC platform pedals. With a gear ratio of 40/17, this is one of the best bikes in racing BMX.

I recommend professional riders to get this bike since it’s equipped with after-market parts ready for race wins. The V-brakes offer you ample stopping power if need be. It rolls on 24 x 1.75-inch Arisun XLR8 tires with a 3/8” Chromoly axle and 17-tooth cassette. Weighing approximately 22.7 lbs. means that it is light enough for racing.


  • Aluminum frame
  • Integrated headset and 3D dropouts
  • Internal cable routing prevents tangled cables
  • Chromoly forks and 24 x 1.75-inch Arisun XLR8 tires
  • A Gear ratio of 40/17


  • A 3-piece crank could be better than the 2-piece crank
  • Pricey

Stay Strong Optimum STR: Best All-Round BMX Bike

Stay Strong Optimum STR

Optimum STR is the first version of a freestyle BMX bike from Stay Strong. It comes with a fully sealed 9t freecoaster rear hub and Chromoly fork steerer tube with 4-piece bars. These features enable you to carry out your tricks and stunts worry-free.

Stay Strong has fitted STR with geometry lines inspired by top-performing bikes found on the pro-circuit. For greater strength, while retaining a low weight, this bike is equipped with a Chromoly front triangle. This makes it an excellent option for street and freestyle bikers on a budget. That said, it also features 2.4” tires, tough 4-piece handlebars, and Chromoly cranks.

Additionally, the STR also has a sealed cassette-type rear hub and 4 stunt pegs that enable you to show off your grinding skills. If there’s a Source BMX bike that can stand up to lots of abuse and still run smoothly, it’s Optimum STR. It’s suitable for riders with a height of 5’ to 6’ tall (150 CM – 180 CM).

It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or an avid rider because STR has exceptional performance. For a beginner, it’ll take your riding skill to the next level. Furthermore, it offers a great forum for experienced riders to challenge their skills.


  • Fully sealed 9t freecoaster rear hub
  • Chromoly fork steerer tube having 4-piece bars
  • It features geometry lines
  • Chromoly front triangle
  • Best for both avid and novice riders


  • Pricey
  • Uncomfortable seat

Fairdale Ridgemont 27.5”: Best XL BMX Bike

Fairdale Ridgemont 27.5”

If you are looking for an XL-sized BMX bike, then Source BMX Bikes has got you covered. They offer you the 27.5” Fairdale Ridgemont BMX bike which is suitable for tall riders (above 6 feet tall). To make it strong and comfortable it’s equipped with a laidback and rugged 1020 steel frame.

It comes with 2.0 x 27.5-inch tires, MX bars, and a 1-1/8” integrated headset. What distinguishes this bike from the rest is the 8-easy-to-use gears and aluminum V-brakes. Other features include Fairdale MX-4 bars, 48 MM reach, and Chromoly fork. Read on to know the advantages and disadvantages of the Fairdale Ridgemont BMX bike.


  • Best for tall riders (above 6’ tall)
  • Rugged 1020 steel frame with 1-1/8” integrated headset
  • 2.0 x 27.5-inch tires
  • 8-easy-to-use gears
  • Aluminum V-brakes


  • Not ideal for short riders
  • Pricey

Source BMX Bikes Buying Guide

If you are looking towards buying a BMX bike for commuting to work, riding in the skate park, or racing, then check out Source BMX Bikes. It’s a worldwide renowned online shop for BMX bikes, parts, and accessories. If you face challenges when accessing spare parts for your bike, this is the go-to online bike store.

They stock everything you may require in BMX riding. Don’t forget that they also offer rapid delivery services at a pocket-friendly price. Take note that in case you encounter challenges buying from Source BMX Bikes, you can seek help through their contact page.

I have highlighted below the important factors you need to consider when shopping for a BMX bike of your choice. This includes all the tools you need when it comes to sizing and the level of bike that fits you. They are:

BMX Sizing

Size is the first thing you need to get right as you shop for a bike. Normally, BMX bikes are categorized in 2 distinct ways. The first method involves measuring the size of the wheel. If you don’t know, 20” is the standard size of a BMX wheel. However, there are other sizes that range from 12” to 29”.

The second method involves measuring the length of the frame which is gauged by the top tube length. This results in xs, small, medium, large, and xl sizes among many others.

You should check the recommended age of the bike you intend to buy. In the case of size overlap, then personal preference comes into the equation. I have provided you with a table indicating the age together with the respective wheel sizes. Check it out!

Age (Years) Wheel size (Inches) Wheel Size (CM)
1 – 4  Balance bike 70 – 90
4 – 6 12” 80 – 100
5 – 9 14” 90 – 130
7 – 14 16” 100 – 140
14 – 16 18” 130 – 160
16 and above 20” Plus 150 – 155 Plus

For instance, the Cult Juvenile 16” on my review list features 16” wheels which make it ideal for kids aged between 7 and 14 years. Getting the wrong wheel size will not only affect your riding but might also end up discouraging young/teenage riders from BMX riding.

The good thing is that Source BMX Bikes offer guidelines to ensure there is no room for mistakes. In case of any product defaults, they ensure their customers are compensated. As a smart buyer, it’s always good to buy your products from a reputable seller.

Which Level of BMX Bikes Fits Me?

Source BMX Bikes feature several levels of BMX bikes that range from “beginner” to “pro”. Read on to know which category fits you.

Youth BMX Bike

These bikes have small wheels (below 20”) instead of the standard 20” to cater to small riders. They are spec’d to beginner level bikes making them great for the little guys who are just starting.

Beginner BMX Bike

Even though they are referred to as “beginner” bikes, it doesn’t mean they are meant for young riders. They are built for riders who are new to BMX riding and want to buy their first BMX bike. After riding in the skate park, or on the trails for a while, they can then advance to intermediate bikes.

Intermediate BMX Bikes

If you have been riding for a while and you are ready to take your riding skills to the next level, then get an intermediate bike. Currently, these bikes satisfy the biking needs of most riders. This is because they feature a mix of performance parts and affordability.

Pro BMX Bikes

These bikes feature a host of refinements including light and strong tubing. They also have after-market pro-level components and rider endorsements. Take note that if you want a higher quality BMX bike than this, then you have to build a custom bike.

fairdale bmx

Bike Assembly/Delivery Service

Source BMX Bikes build 99% of the bike you’ve ordered to take the hassle out of buying online. The only thing left for you to do is to fit the bars and pedals.

Source BMX Bikes FAQs

Question: Has Covid-19 Affected Source BMX Bikes Shipping?

Answer: Of course, Covid-19 has affected a lot of companies and businesses worldwide. However, Source BMX Bikes continues to ship from their warehouse as usual. They are determined to get your order done and delivered on time to keep you riding.

Source BMX Bikes encourage their customers to use the express delivery option at the checkout because it’s fast. This helps reduce inconveniences, especially during holidays and gift-related seasons.

Question: Does Source BMX Bikes Provide a BMX Size Chart for Their Customers?

Answer: Source BMX Bikes have self-help tools that enable you to choose the right size of bike. In case of any difficulties, check out their comprehensive Bike Guide. Alternatively, you can also go through Bike Quiz. If the findings don’t satisfy you, feel free to contact them via 01424460943 or engage them on their live chat.

Question: Does Source BMX Bikes Provide Updates on the Customer’s Order Status?

Answer: Yes they do. To check your order status you have to log in to Your Account on the Source BMX Bikes website. All your orders are displayed there together with the current order status. It shows tracking information displaying whether the product has been shipped or not.

Before shipping, the company first emails you to enable you to track where your order(s) is with the courier. If the status of your order indicates “unfulfilled” it means your order has not been shipped yet.

Question: How Does Source BMX Bikes Handle a Product With an Issue?

Answer: Get in touch with the Source BMX Bikes help desk if you have a problem with a product that you have purchased. They provide you with a form that you can use to claim since technical issues are not easy to explain via calls or messages.

Ensure that you describe your issue well and if possible include photos or videos. They make it easy for Source BMX Bikes staff to quickly identify the problem and solve it. Don’t forget to attach your order number if you want to raise a warranty claim.

Bottom Line

Source BMX Bikes is one of the best online BMX bike stores with a renowned worldwide reputation. They provide you with all BMX biking parts and accessories starting from the frames to the pedals. To buy from them you only need to log in to their website and place your order.

I recommend Jet Accelerator Junior BMX for junior riders aged 5 – 8 years and 4’ – 5’ tall. This bike is designed with parts meant for kids. For example, it comes with aluminum junior race handlebars with a crossbar and alloy pedals.

If you are an adult who wants to start BMX riding or intend to refresh your skills, then choose Mongoose Legion L40 BMX. This bike features front and rear U-brakes together with a rotating hub in the front hub. Its build is sturdy and stable thanks to the steel frame and alloy pedals.

For riders who prefer a freestyle BMX, then consider We The People Reason BMX. It features a 20.75” Cr-Mo frame, an integrated headset, a seat clamp, and a Mid-BB. The removable brakes make it great for performing tricks and stunts. Take note that Source BMX Bikes offers other specialized BMX bikes. I came up with this article to make sure you get all options available.