Best 4 Piece BMX Bars

Best 4 Piece BMX Bars Guide – My Choices for Comfort and Performance

BMX handlebars are vital components determining how comfortable you will be while on your bike. In my best 4-piece BMX bars guide, I will show you the best models on the market if you want to upgrade your bike and enhance comfort levels and performance.

I’ll look at the different things you should consider before buying a new handlebar for your bike, and I will also answer some common questions.

If you want to find out the 4-piece bars that made my list, including my number one choice, have a look below.

Bottom Line Up Front: The best 4-piece BMX bars you can buy are handlebars from King Eagle. These bars offer everything you need for a comfortable ride (they come in two rise heights), and they provide a striking aesthetic with three color options. The 4130 Chromoly steel tubing with TruTherm post-weld heat treatment is ideal for durability, and while the bars are a little heavy, you won’t find better performance for the price.

4 piece handlebars

At a Glance: 6 of the 4 Piece BMX Bars in 2022

Handlebar Best for… Rise Width Upsweep Backsweep More Info
Kink Eagle Best overall 4-piece bar BMX Bar 9” & 9.5” 29.5” 12° Find out more
Fiend Raekes Best 4-piece bar with a modern design 9” & 9.5” 27.25” 12° Find out more
ODYSSEY 49ER Best 4-piece bar with a traditional design 9″ 29″ 1.5° 12° Find out more
BSD Grime Best 4-piece bar for pulling stunts 9” & 9.5” 29″ 11° Find out more
SE Bikes Super Big Honkin’ Cruiser Bar Best 4-piece bar for cruising 7” 31” 10° Find out more
Cult Crew Bars Best 4-piece bar for different rises 9“, 9.35”, 9.65” 30” 12° Find out more

What Is a 4 Piece BMX handlebar?

A 4-piece BMX handlebar offers several advantages for cyclists, especially those that regularly ride street.

These bars provide additional strength over 2 piece handlebars, which increases their durability and helps them cope with more challenging BMX riding. The four-piece bars have two long tubes alongside two other tubes; however, their construction means that they come with a heavier weight. This is ideal for freestyle and similar types of BMX, but they might not suit for racing, where you need to keep the weight of your bike as low as possible.

Things to Consider before Buying a 4 Piece BMX Handlebar

Before we dive in and have a look at the best four-piece BMX handlebars on the market, there are a few things to think about with this BMX component. You might think that a handlebar isn’t that important; however, it can play a significant role in your bike’s performance and overall comfort.


The most common material used for BMX handlebars is Chromoly.

Chromoly is a high-strength and rigid material that is perfect for BMX bars and helps them cope with the demands of various BMX riding. The emphasis in the manufacturing of bars is to provide strength and durability, and this is why Chromoly is the number one material.

Although some bars made for BMX racing can be manufactured from aluminum or carbon fiber, this helps reduce the overall weight.


The rise refers to the actual height of the handlebar. This is perhaps the biggest aspect you should consider, especially for comfort. A four-piece bar that is too short or too tall is going to be uncomfortable and challenging to maintain a high level of control.

Luckily, I have included the rise for all the bars I have included on my list. You should find out which size suits your height and riding style and choose a four-piece handlebar that will offer as much comfort as possible.


Similar to the rise, the width will also determine your comfort levels and how natural it will feel to ride your BMX bike.

Most BMX handlebars have a width between 27″ to 30″, although you can find short or longer handlebars for different bikes. The width is a personal preference, but it can impact your performance. If you feel uncomfortable riding your bike because the handlebar is too long or too short, it can inhibit your ability to pull off stunts or cycle effectively.

If you do find the perfect handlebar for your bike, but it is slightly too long, it isn’t that difficult to cut it down to size if you need.


The upsweep is the angle of the handlebar to the grip area.

Most handlebars for BMX have an upsweep between 1˚ – 5˚, although the majority of bars are between 2˚ – 3˚.

The upsweep is essential to absorb impacts while protecting your wrists properly. If you buy bars with a low upsweep, you may find that your inner wrist becomes painful, whereas a handlebar with an upsweep that is too high can hurt your outer wrist.

This is something that comes down to your personal preference and the way you cycle. If you have a wide grip on the handlebar with your hands far apart, you will need a higher upsweep to compensate for this.


Lastly, we have the back sweep, and this is another specification you will find when looking for new BMX four-piece bars.

The average backsweep is between 9˚ – 12˚. This is the backward angle of the grip section, which plays a similar role to the upsweep. A good backward angle will help you absorb impacts and keep your wrists protected.

The backsweep angle you need depends on how you hold the handlebars and how far apart your wrists are. Like most specifications for this type of BMX component, a lot hinges on your riding style.

Selection Criteria

I only wanted to include the best four-piece BMX handlebars on my list. Instead of adding in dozens of different handlebars, I used criteria to ensure you only see the top-performing models. The criteria I used were:

  • Four-piece – As this guide is solely based on four-piece handlebars, I didn’t include any 2-piece handlebars as they, so all the bars here have a 4-piece construction.
  • Durable – Handlebars need to have a high level of durability to cope with impacts and ensure you won’t need to replace them regularly. All the bars on my list have a Chromoly construction to cope with the rigorous demands of various BMX riding.
  • Width – I have included a range of different bar widths to make sure that there is a size for everyone based on your personal preference.
  • Cost – While BMX bars aren’t massively expensive, I haven’t included any too many costly options. So, even if you are on a budget, you can there is a 4-piece handlebar below for you.

6 Best 4 Piece BMX Bars

Kink Eagle – Best overall 4 Piece BMX Bar

kink eagle

The King Eagle 4-piece BMX bars are my number one choice if you want a high-quality handlebar for your BMX.

These bars are actually Kink’s first set of 4-piece handlebars, and it is a testament to how well they perform and feel that they have come out on top.

The good thing about these handlebars is that they offer two heights – 9″ and 9.5″, so you have a couple of options to suit your needs. I am a big fan of the durability of these bars as they have a 4130 Chromoly steel tubing with TruTherm post-weld heat treatment. These bars are built to last, and they can withstand any type of BMX riding you throw at them.

The chrome, gold, and black color options add an excellent aesthetic level, and you can blend them into your existing BMX bike design or make them stand out as much as you want.

Overall, a solid 4-piece BMX bar that isn’t too expensive but still offers fantastic comfort and performance.


  • Has 4130 Chromoly steel tubing with TruTherm post-weld heat treatment
  • Available in three colors
  • Two heights to suit your preference
  • Don’t cost a lot of money


  • These bars are quite heavy

Fiend Raekes – Best 4-Piece Bar with a Modern Design

Fiend Raekes

Next up on my list is the Fiend Raekes four-piece BMX bar.

This brilliant model would work great if you want a modern-looking aesthetic for your bike. The handlebar is constructed with heat-treated Chromoly tubing with a butted crossbar. This adds a layer of durability to this handlebar, but it also helps reduce the weight.

Like the number one choice on my list, this handlebar is available in two rise heights – 9” & 9.5”.

The color options are a bit plain – black or chrome – but the overall design and aesthetic are ideal for a modern setup. The one downside is that this is quite an expensive handlebar, so it might not suit if you are on a very tight budget.


  • It offers a modern-looking style
  • Durable with heat-treated Chromoly tubing
  • Lower weight than many 4-piece bars
  • Available in two heights


  • This handlebar is a bit expensive

ODYSSEY 49ER – Best 4-Piece Bar with a Traditional Design


BMX culture has been around since the early 1970s, and many people like to hark back a few years and opt for more traditional designs with their bike setup.

Odyssey makes many great BMX parts and components, including BMX tires, and the ODYSSEY 49ER is the best 4-piece bar with a more traditional style.

I am a fan of this bar’s traditional design, especially the multi-butted main tubing and the 7/8″ crossbar. The construction of this 4-piece bar ensures that it is highly durable, and the flex is reduced due to the welded end caps. The slightly higher upsweep angle can help to improve comfort, which will follow on to increased performance.

The ODYSSEY 49ER has very limited color choices as it is only available in black. This might not be a big deal to many, but it may influence some people who want something more standout-ish.

However, as far as traditional BMX 4-piece bars go, this is a stellar choice for your bike.


  • Provides a traditional BMX handlebar design
  • Strong and durable construction
  • It offers a higher upsweep angle


  • Only available in one color

BSD Grime – Best 4-Piece Bar for Pulling Stunts

bsd grime

Pulling off stunts and tricks is a popular form of BMX, and while many people look past the handlebar as an important component, the BSD Grime is an excellent option to boost your performance.

This 4-piece bar is strong due to the heat-treated multiple butted 4130 Chromoly construction. The lower angle backsweep helps to provide comfort and boost freestyle performance while absorbing impacts correctly.

This handlebar’s overall weight is kept relatively low, but it is still hefty enough to offer great control and stability. I’m not particularly fussed about the colors as they are very monochrome, but if you want performance over aesthetics for freestyle, it isn’t easy to look past this 4-piece bar.

Also, this handlebar is available at a reasonable mid-range price. It isn’t considered a budget option; however, you won’t need to splash out upwards of a hundred dollars to get your hands on one. The BSD Grime is Denim Cox’s first foray into 4-piece handlebars, and it is an ideal first model.


  • Low weight BMX handlebar
  • Perfect for pulling off stunts
  • Durable with a heat-treated construction
  • Available at a decent price


  • The color options could be better

SE Bikes Super Big Honkin’ Cruiser Bar – Best for cruising

SE Bikes Super Big Honkin' Cruiser Bar


Cruising around on your BMX requires a larger-than-life handlebar for comfort, and this is where the SE Bikes Super Big Honkin’ Cruiser Bar comes in.

This model is the widest on my list at 31″, but it has a smaller height at just 7″. The shape of this bar allows it to stand out from many other handlebars, and it offers a distinctive and unique style. Even though you won’t be using this handlebar for anything too intensive, the 4130 Chromoly construction provides it with durability.

The actual syle of the handlebar gives it an original BMX feel, and it wouldn’t look out of place on a 1970s bike. This makes it quite similar to the ODYSSEY 49ER with its traditional look, but this handlebar can work with any modern or classic BMX bike.

There aren’t a lot of downsides to the SE Bikes Super Big Honkin’ Cruiser Bar aside from the fact that it won’t work for some specific BMX disciplines. However, this is a very good bar to buy for cruising and looking good while you do it.


  • Traditional looking BMX handlebar
  • Ideal for cruising and casual riding
  • Durable design with an oversized width
  • It would suit both traditional and modern bikes


  • Won’t work for some specific BMX disciplines

Cult Crew Bars – Best 4-Piece Bar for Different Rises

cult crew bars

If you want more options when buying a BMX handlebar specifically with the rise, Cult Crew Bars is an ideal choice.

This 4-piece handlebar is available in three rises – 9 “, 9.35″, and 9.65” – so it isn’t challenging to find one that perfectly suits your riding style and physique. This handlebar is manufactured from heat-treated multi-butted Chromoly for a long-lasting construction, and the black and chrome color options offer a nice aesthetic. I would have liked some different colors for a more vibrant feel to my bike, but the two on offer have a modern style.

There isn’t anything majorly wrong with this 4-piece bar. You can pick it up for a reasonable cost, and it provides good performance with a variety of available heights.


  • Good choice for different height options
  • Has a heat-treated multi-butted Chromoly construction
  • Reasonable cost
  • Offers decent performance for a BMX bike


  • Only two color options are available, but both have a modern style

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is a 4-piece bar better than a 2-piece bar?

Answer: 4-piece BMX bars have better knee clearance and have a stronger and more durable construction. However, a 2-piece bar will be lighter due to fewer materials involved.

Question: Are 4-piece BMX bars expensive?

Answer: Not really. While handlebars will cost a bit more than BMX pegs, they are one of the cheaper components you can buy. There are pricey and low-cost options available to suit all budgets.

Question: What does rise mean with BMX handlebars?

Answer: The rise refers to the overall height of the handlebar. The rise you choose is down to personal preference and is based on your height and riding style.

Question: Can I cut a BMX handlebar?

Answer: Yes. If you find the perfect bar with the aesthetic you want, but you find it is too wide, you can easily cut it down to size. This isn’t difficult, and you can use a pipe cutter for this task.

Question: How wide should my BMX bars be?

Answer: It really depends on how you cycle. Most BMX handlebars have a width between 27″ to 30″, which is ideal for most cyclists. If you find your handlebar is too wide, you can easily cut it down to your preferred size.

Question: What is Upsweep and Backsweep?

Answer: The upsweep on a BMX handlebar is the angle of the handlebar to the grip area, and the backsweep refers to how far the bars bend back. Both of these specs have an impact on comfort and protecting your wrists.

My Verdict: What are the best 4 Piece BMX Bars?

The 4-piece bars from King Eagle are my number one choice for the best 4-piece handlebars.

I love the way these bars look and feel, and the fact they come in two heights will help them appeal to a broader audience. The three color schemes are perfect for blending into your bike or creating a stand-out feature, while the 4130 Chromoly steel tubing with TruTherm post-weld heat treatment provides a great level of durability.

Some people might find these bars slightly heavier, but for most BMX disciplines, they offer brilliant performance. Overall, it is difficult to see past these Kink Eagle 4-piece BMX bars for the cost you pay.