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Best 29 Inch BMX Bikes Guide

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Even though BMX bikes are designed for short races, they are also meant for fun. Riders can perform various tricks and stunts that they wish. Why? Because the big wheels and frame offer increased strength and stability.

The good thing about them is that they can be customized to the rider’s preferences. It’s your choice whether to ride with brakes, pegs, or freewheels. Picking the right 29” BMX bike may just be as difficult as deciding between a long travel 27.5-inch and a short travel 29er trail bike.

This is because of the plethora of options to choose from. BMX offers a wide range of disciplines from dirt jumps, vert, flatland, park, and street riding.

To find out which 29” BMX bikes are worth your money, I took a deep dive into the range of BMX bikes available in the market. For comfort and durability, I looked at manufacturers’ websites and even tried my hands on various models. Read on to know more!

Bottom Line Up Front

If money is not an issue and you want to invest in a quality BMX bike then Radio Legion 29” is your best choice. It’s one of the best street cruisers with an urban design. Its massive 2.2” Radio tires and the fully sealed Radio Pro wheels make it unbeatable in the game.

Sunday High-C 29” BMX is a good option for riders who plan to cruise all day long. It features a unique rear-end geometry that makes it easier to maneuver rough terrain. The frame features bottle mounts for you to carry water or your favorite beverage.

Would you like a BMX that will perform all the stunts and tricks that you want? If that’s the case, then pick Street Performer 29”. The semi-integrated 1-1/8” head tube and Performer 6061 alloy frame makes it outstanding. It also features 14g stainless steel spokes with alloy double-wall 36h rims.

Alternatively, Cult Devotion 29” BMX is a versatile cruiser that will not fail you in any challenging terrain. The 6.75-inch handlebars and high-quality 3-piece cranks will handle anything thrown at it.

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9 Best 29” BMX Bikes Guide

Whether it’s cruising all day, “wheelie-ing” around, or jumping curb-cuts, 29” BMX is designed and built to handle it all. In this review, I have provided you with the best 29” BMX bikes available in the market. There’s also a buyer’s guide in case you find it challenging to identify the one that fits your needs.

Dyno Pro Compe

Dyno Pro Compe 29 Inch Bike

BMX Hall of Famer Dave Voelker and GT Bicycles teamed up after a 17-year hiatus to release this special edition BMX bike. Dyno Pro Compe was greatly inspired by the year Dave Voelker became a pro for GT/Dyno.

This BMX has a 100% Chromoly frame with DT Gusset and Mid-BB. Its super-sized 29” wheels feature GT’s all-new smooth tires in a stout 29 x 2.5. It has an inverted seat stay V-brake, an integrated 1-1/8” head tube, and removable rotor tabs.

That said, there are alloy double-wall 36h rims with stainless steel 14g spokes. The pedals come with a GT low-profile FS platform design. To keep the wheels tight, GT has fitted Dyno Pro Compe with peg-sized G-1 chain tensioners. It means you can perform the tricks you want without worrying about your wheels.

The combination of mid-sealed bearing with GT 5mm 36T alloy chainwheel makes the BMX an easy bike to ride.


  • 100% Chromoly frame with Mid-BB and DT Gusset
  • Peg sized G-1 chain tensioners
  • 29 x 2.5-inch tires
  • Inverted seat stay V-brake
  • Removable rotor tabs


  • Pricey
  • Not best for kids/beginners

Street Performer

Street Performer 29 Inch Bike

Do you want a 29” BMX that will perform all the stunts and tricks you want? If yes, then Street Performer 29” is the best bike for you. Compared to all BMXs this one is a bit unique and outstanding. It comes with Performer 6061 alloy design and semi-integrated 1-1/8” head tube.

The GT Power Performer fork features internal mid-blade/dropout Mounts and a 55 MM Street Rake Offset. The cruiser has alloy double-wall 36h rims and 14g stainless steel spokes. You are assured they won’t break after a jumping stunt.

Street Performer not only has a Tange Semi-Integrated Headset but also features Promax Mech Disc brakes with 160/160 Rotors. The good thing about it is that it has a Microshift Advent 9-speed cassette at the rear derailleur. Therefore, if you prefer riding fast, this is your best BMX bike.


  • Alloy double wall 36h rims
  • 14g stainless steel spokes
  • GT forged alloy 3-piece crank
  • Threaded bottom bracket
  • 9-speed cassette at the rear derailleur


  • Not best for beginner riders
  • Pedals have an undesirable level of flex with an audible creak

Sunday High-C

Sunday High-C

Are you looking for a bike that can cruise all day long or jump curb cuts comfortably? If that’s the case, Sunday High-C 29” is the BMX bike you are looking for. Compared to most BMX bikes on the market, its frame has a unique shortened rear-end geometry. This makes it easier to handle and manipulate in any condition.

That said, it’s equipped with bottle cage mounts. This means you can carry your favorite beverage or energy drink. Sunday has borrowed some characteristics of Fairdale Taj in making its Model C.

For instance, it comes fitted with a 100% Chromoly frame, fork, and bars. That’s why it’s more sturdy and stable.

Sunday High-C 29” BMX is a bike that meets almost all your BMX riding requirements. It can handle various riding needs including racing, riding around, and stunts.


  • It features bottle cage mounts
  • The frame has a unique shortened rear-end geometry
  • 100% Chromoly fork
  • Smooth riding
  • Double-wall rims


  • Spare parts not easily accessible
  • Complaints about scratched frames

Throne Goon

Throne Goon

Would you consider some serious stunt action or are you thinking of just cruising down the streets on Sunday with the family? Throne Goon is the best BMX with an all-in-one function. It’s set for multiple environments.

You can ride faster and more efficiently thanks to the large 29” wheels. They also allow for a better grip on the road or when handling obstacles like climbing stairs. The fact that it can be customized to the rider’s preference makes it unique. For example, you can set up the cog and rear brake in multiple ways.

This means that Throne Goon can be ridden without brakes, freewheel, wheelie shredder, dirt, and more. It features a 1-1/8” Cr-Mo fork and a Throne Alloy chainring crankset. Note that features like the valve cap make the bike classy. For someone that wants to combine the world of racing BMX with stunts, Throne Goon 29” BMX is an excellent choice.


  • Cantilever removable brake studs and Tektro Aries disc rear
  • Sealed bearing bottom bracket
  • Throne Alloy 39T 110BCD Chainring Crankset
  • 29” double wall wheels
  • 1-1/8” Cr-Mo fork


  • Not best for beginners
  • The rear disc brake is difficult to calibrateBoston Big Ripper


Radio Legion

Radio Legion

Radio Legion 29” is a safe choice if you are planning to spend more money to invest in a good BMX street cruiser. It’s one of the best BMX bikes from the Radio collection. Being an urban machine designed to ride through any terrain, it features front and rear Tektro disc brakes. These offer ample stopping power.

Additionally, it’s available in a nice black colorway featuring white, teal, and purple highlights. Even though the 6061-T6 alloy frame is light, it’s tough enough to handle anything thrown at it. The “wheelie specific geometry” makes the bike super responsive, as well as easy to pick up and throw around.

With massive 2.2” Radio tires and fully sealed Radio Pro wheels, Legion is unbeatable in the game. The good thing is that it’s suitable for both beginners and professional riders.


  • 6061-T6 alloy frame
  • Front and rear Tektro disc brakes
  • Fully sealed Radio Pro wheels
  • Best for both beginners and professional riders
  • 4130 Cr-Mo handlebar


  • Pricey
  • The gear ratio is too low for some riders

Cult Devotion

Cult Devotion

If there’s a versatile cruiser that is up to any challenge then it’s Cult Devotion 29” BMX. It’s equipped with a Cr-Mo rigid fork and a steel frame. With 6.75-inch handlebars and a high-quality 3-piece steel crankset, this BMX is a dream come true.

Devotion is designed to cruise or do a few wheelies. It has stand-out features such as Cult x Vans tires and sealed wheels. These make the 29er cruiser a solid choice in its class. The combination of the vintage-style loop rear end with the Cult pivotal seat makes the bike classy.


  • 100% Chromoly frame
  • Integrated headset
  • Sealed mid bottom bracket
  • Cult 410 chain
  • Cult x Vans 29 x 2.10-inch tires


  • Not best for beginner riders
  • There are cases of missing parts

Haro Slo-Ride

Haro Slo-Ride

If you are a biker who loves freestyle cruisers then this is your best BMX option. Slo-Ride 29” comes with Cr-Mo 4130 Haro freestyler cruiser bars featuring Haro Team grips. The frame is made of a 6061 lightweight alloy with a sealed integrated headset and sealed Mid-BB.

With high flange alloy loose ball hubs, all that Haro needed to complete the masterpiece was double-walled rims. These enable riders to absorb large hits comfortably. The bike is equipped with Kenda Kranium tires at the front and the rear.

It also features Promax TX-117 alloy V-brake and Promax XL-378 brake lever. In short, this BMX is designed for all kinds of riding.


  • 6061 alloy Sloride frame with an integrated head tube
  • 36/16 gearing
  • Kenda Kranium tires at the front and rear
  • Haro Team grips
  • Haro disc sprocket and sealed Mid-BB


  • Not budget-friendly
  • Not best for kids

SE Fast Ripper

SE Fast Ripper 29 inch bike

If you are a speed monster, then this should be your 29” BMX of choice. SE Fast Ripper comes with SRAM GX 1 x 10, Shimano Deore CS-HG 500, and 10-speed gears. It also has Short Cage Rear Derailleur that enables you to improve your speed performance.

The trigger shifter allows fast and smooth shifting of gears. The good thing is that the brake and gear cables are embedded. They won’t rub your frame and scratch the paint. That said, the disc brakes enable fast and smooth breaking.

With 13.38Kgs the cruiser is super light with an incredible performance. Fast Ripper features an eye-catching red and gold color with a lightning bolt engraved onto the Flyer seat and stem. For side hop maneuvers, the 29-inch wheels ensure you are stable and agile. Its light nature helps to increase momentum.

For people that want to experience both racing and freestyling disciplines then SE Fast Ripper is the best BMX choice.


  • SRAM GX 1x 10, Shimano Deore CS-HG 500, and 10-speed gears
  • Short Cage Rear Derailleur
  • Embedded gear and brake cables
  • It features disc brakes
  • Light (13.38Kg)


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Not best for beginner riders

29” BMX Bike Buying Guide


Are you looking for a 29” BMX bike and you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, I got you covered. With the wide variety of options available, buying a new BMX bike is a fun experience. However, it can be a little overwhelming at times. Read on to find out the factors you need to consider when purchasing a 29” BMX bike.

Sealed Bearings vs Unsealed Bearings

For BMX purposes sealed bearings are the most suitable. They are pressed into a cartridge covered with a rubber seal. One good thing about them is that they require less maintenance compared to unsealed bearings. This is because of their ability to keep dirt and water out.

On the other hand, to stay tight unsealed bearings require a cone and locknut. Take note that you still need to keep a close eye on them or else they may become faulty without your knowledge. When you compare the cost of the two bearings, the sealed ones are more expensive.

Chromoly vs Hi-tensile Steel

You can find both hi-tensile steel and Chromoly on BMX bikes. However, Chromoly is the best material for BMX bikes because it’s lighter and stronger. Keep in mind that hi-tensile steel is still strong but heavier. Compared to Chromoly it’s more expensive since it requires skill to weld.

Single Wall vs Double Wall Rims

You can find both of these BMX rim types on a 29” BMX bike. The area of the rim that spokes go into is referred to as the wall. The difference between the two is that double-wall rims contain a second internal wall.

It acts as a cross brace for more side-to-side strength. This means there will be fewer chances of buckling your wheel when you land sideways.


Most BMXs feature 20-inch wheels. However, for increased maneuverability, freestyle and kids BMX come with 16-inch or 18-inch wheels. Dirt jumps BMX bikes roll on 24-inch wheels for superior speed and stability.

Choose bigger wheels if you’re looking for a BMX bike that is designed to hit jumps. Why are they necessary? It’s because BMX frames for 20-inch wheels and below have a bottom bracket with a positive BB drop figure. This means that the bottom bracket is actually above the axles.

It means when you pedal the cranks don’t hit the ground. Unfortunately, when speeding this can make the bike feel “tippy”. The frame size is determined by your height and inseam. Therefore, there’s no standard sizing across brands. Ensure to check each brand’s sizing chart before purchasing because they vary.

Types of 29” BMX Bikes

Your riding style together with the area you are going to ride on determines the most suitable 29” BMX bike for you. The various types of BMX bikes available in the market include:

  • Race BMX Bikes

Being the original BMX, Race BMX started featuring in the 1980s. They specialize in speed and acceleration. Made of materials such as Chromoly and aluminum means that they are stiff and durable.

The frame sits in a higher and more upright position. This enables the handlebars to be upright and makes you go faster. These bikes come with light wheels. This is combined with thinner tires featuring treads for more traction. Thanks to the rear linear-pull brakes, race BMX bikes have the most stopping power.

  • Freestyle BMX Bikes

If you are a fan of tricks and stunts such as one-tire stands or wheelies then this bike is a good option. Freestyle BMX riding features several disciplines. They include park, street, vert, trail, and flatland riding. Each of these disciplines has a specific BMX bike that’s best for it.

  • Jumping BMX Bikes

As the name suggests, these bikes are meant for jumping. One thing that’s unique about them is their lightweight nature. They come with heavier treads and more rigid strokes. Jump BMX bikes feature only rear brakes like race BMX bikes.

How to Choose a BMX Bike That Suits Your Height


BMX offers a wide variety of different-sized BMX bikes. They range from 12” to 29” wheeled BMX. As a result, every rider is covered starting from the smallest to the tallest riders. What’s important is whether you can choose the right size.

Buying the wrong size will be disadvantageous to you because it won’t satisfy your needs. Read on to know the various categories that you need to consider when choosing the right size BMX.

Junior (Up To 140cm Tall)

This category includes 12” wheeled BMX bikes. They are best for young kids about 5 years old. After enhancing their skills they can then advance to 16” and 18” wheeled BMX. Avoid buying your kids 20” bikes with the hopes that they will grow up quickly. This may end up discouraging them.

Why? It’s because a big bike will not be easy for them to maneuver. Again, doing tricks and stunts may be challenging for them. To avoid this, buy the bike that fits them.

Youth (130cm – 170cm Tall)

This category involves mostly 20” wheeled BMX bikes. They come with top tube lengths ranging from 18.5” to 20.75”. When it comes to determining the right BMX size, the top tube is a determining factor.

18.5” top tube is suitable for shorter riders. For riders with a height of 170cm, a bigger top tube is ideal.

Adult (160cm +)

This category features 20” wheeled BMX bikes with 20.5” to 21.25” top tubes. 22”, 24”, 26”, and 29” wheeled BMX bikes are in this category.

29” BMX Bike FAQs

Question: Is It Easy To Wheelie A 29” BMX Bike?

Answer: Yes it is. If you can wheelie any other bike, you can also do the same with a 29er BMX. However, it needs some more practice to do it properly. When training you should try very hard to keep the front wheel down, especially when climbing a steep area.

Question: Can You Bunny Hop A 29” BMX Bike?

Answer: Yes you can. Just the way you do it on a 26er, the technique for bunny hopping a 29er BMX is the same. However, getting a 26er wheel up is much easier than a 29er. This is because of the wheel’s weight and size. For beginners, try preloading the shock as you approach the obstacle.

Question: Is It Possible To Jump On A 29” BMX Bike?

Answer: Yes it’s possible. You can jump with 29ers but it’s challenging though. This is because you have to pedal harder in between or up to the bumps.

Question: Between A 27.5” and 29” BMX Bike Which Is Better?

Answer: They are all good. The difference is that a 29er offers more speed, stability, and efficiency. On the other hand, 27.5” BMX bikes offer a snappier trail feel. In short, the choice of wheel size will depend on where you are riding and your personal preferences.

Bottom Line

Compared to other BMX sizes, the 29” undercuts them by a considerable margin when it comes to performance. Their speed and stability are top-notch. However, note that there are some tricks and stunts that you’ll find challenging doing with a 29” BMX.

For riders who want to cruise all day long, I recommend Sunday High-C 29” BMX. It comes with unique rear-end geometry which enables it to maneuver tough terrains easily. The frame has bottle mounts meaning you can carry your water or a beverage of your choice.

If you are not working with a constrained budget and you want to invest in a quality bike, then choose Radio Legion 29” BMX. The massive 2.2” Radio tires, featuring fully sealed Radio Pro wheels, make it an outstanding street cruiser.

Are you a fan of tricks and stunts? If yes, then Street Performer 29” BMX is a great choice. The Performer 6061 alloy frame with semi-integrated 1-1/8” head tube makes it a favorite among the majority of freestylers. The double-wall 36h rims and 14g stainless steel spokes improve the bike’s stability.

Lastly, if you want a versatile cruiser that will not fail you, then Cult Devotion 29” BMX is the most suitable option. It can handle anything thrown at it thanks to the 6.75” handlebars and high-quality 3-piece crankset.