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Redline BMX Bike Brand Guide

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The search for the best BMX bikes out there is an unending process for biking enthusiasts. BMX riding is one of those hobbies where the specifications of the bikes are consistently improved and refined. For example, Redline BMX bike is a renowned bike brand with an esteemed reputation in the BMX cycling world.

Any serious BMX rider with a real passion for cycling should have a Redline BMX bike in their bike collection. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for kids or adults, Redline offers all types of BMX bikes. Read on to learn more about these amazing bikes.

Bottom Line Up Front

Redline is among the top BMX bike companies that produce quality bikes. There are all models of bikes including racing and speed bikes. If you are looking for the best racing bike, choose the Proline Redline BMX bike. It’s designed, developed, and built for competitive racers.

Rival is the best Redline BMX bike for young riders. It comes fitted with 25-9 micro-gearing and Big Box handlebars which enable tricks such as front-wheel lifts. It also endures bumps and grinds easily.

If you are new to BMX riding or want to refresh your skills then choose Redline MX BMX Race Bike. It’s affordable and great for beginners.

In case you find Redline BMX bikes don’t meet your needs, you can get Eastern BMX bikes for your older teens. It features fully sealed bearings that assure you of long service and minimal maintenance. Alternatively, choose Stolen Heist if you are a tall rider. The 9.25” BMX bike will prevent your back from overstraining.

Top 7 Redline BMX Bikes

Redline provides top-tier tech and specifications. The brand is most suitable for bikers who are serious about mountain biking. Would you like a BMX bike that will meet all your climbing requirements? If yes, then look no further because Redline is a great option. Read on to know why!

Proline BMX Race Bike

Proline BMX

Are you are beginner BMX rider who wants to take his biking skills to the next level? If so, then Redline Proline BMX Race Bike is the best choice for you. The bike is built for competitive racers meaning you don’t have to spend your time and money adding new parts.

One good thing about Proline is that it can handle high speeds while maintaining optimum control. This is made possible by the Vee Speed Booster tires that enhance traction.

This means you are guaranteed your safety on the road as you commute to work or run your errands. Additionally, in a high-speed race, you can be sure the bike will keep you on the ground.

The 6601 alloyed frame features a 100% Chromoly steel-butted race fork. It helps keep extra weight off and provides exceptional durability.

Redline has installed sealed hubs and 2-piece alloy forged cranks to prevent the aluminum frame from wearing over time. This works together with the integrated head tube. When it comes to strength, these add-ons make the aluminum frame similar to steel.

Proline comes in various sizes to meet your comfort needs. They range from mini to XL. The bike is fitted with Tektro 930AL linear breaks. They offer you reliable stopping power and control. This means that you don’t have to worry while riding fast since you are assured of responsive breaks on and off the track.

What distinguishes it from earlier models is the reliable chain tensioners. They help keep your chains tight during quick maneuvers. Besides being comfortable, the RL Pro Hex grips provide an excellent grip to give you full command of your bike.

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  • Light and durable frame
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Reliable Vee Speed Booster tires
  • It features Tektro 930AL linear brakes
  • Rigid and solid construction


  • Not best for long rides
  • The saddle lacks sufficient padding

Recon 20 BMX Bike

Recon 20

When the young rider in your family feels comfortable moving on to something a bit more intermediate, then Recon 20 is the best choice. For starters, it comes with a monster-padded saddle. This enables your young one to ride comfortably even on longer rides.

The 25-9 micro-gearing together with the Big Box handlebars make the bike suitable for young bikers. They can take their ride out to the outdoor trail or to the skating rink to try some fancier tricks. The good thing is the bike is well designed and built with the best safety standards in mind.

Note that some assembly will be required like with the other Redline bikes. This means when you order ensure that you have a mechanically savvy individual to help in case you face any challenges.


  • Best for young riders
  • It features a monster-padded saddle
  • 25-9 micro-gearing
  • Big Box handlebars
  • Light and durable frame


  • Assembling can be a challenge
  • Pricey

Redline MX BMX Race Bike


Are you new to BMX riding or would you like to refresh your riding skills after breaking for a while? If you are, then choose the MX BMX Redline bike. Remember that when starting a new hobby you don’t have to spend a ton of money.

MX is set at a very affordable price. This is because it comes ready to ride meaning you won’t spend any penny to add extra parts.

It comes with a 6061 Alloy frame with an integrated head tube. It’s true that compared to steel, aluminum may not hold up as long. However, the agility and low weight will beat any steel frame in a race. Additionally, aluminum will keep your bike looking great for longer considering it won’t rust.

To keep the bike efficient, Redline has installed a 3-piece crankset. There’s also a steel-inforced fork that enables you to handle rough landings and daily abuse. The bike comes with a shiny black design with bright yellow accents. These give the bike a stealth look making it a favorite for most riders.

You can ride the bike in both hand-packed and pavement terrains thanks to the Vee Speedster 24-inch tires. They are developed and designed to offer more versatility.

That said, they feature diamond-cut traction side knobs that can handle speedy navigation and tight corners. To increase speed while keeping the ride smooth, the tires have a center-strip design.

When it comes to braking, the Tektro BX310 Linear brakes offer no-nonsense stopping power. These reliable V-brakes feature a linear-pull lever. It ensures a highly responsive ride both on and off the track.

RL race aluminum pedals and RL Hex grips provide you with precision and ultimate control. With these quality parts, you’ll feel like a pro.


  • 24-inch tires
  • It features Tektro BX310 Linear brakes
  • 3-piece crankset
  • 6061 Alloy frame with an integrated head
  • RL race aluminum pedals and RL Hex grips


  • The seat is uncomfortable
  • Not best for long rides

Rival BMX Bike

Rival BMX Bike

Like the MX BMX bike, Rival is also suitable for young riders who want to experience new tricks. They can try some serious front-wheel lifts thanks to the Big Box handlebars. This 20-inch freestyle bike doesn’t only perform elaborate tricks but also endures bumps and grinds.

Aiming at the young riders, it comes in a variety of bright colors. This ensures that they stand out against any urban or skate-park backdrop. After all, kids need bikes that stand out.

This entry-level 20-inch freestyle BMX bike comes with a padded saddle and 8-inch big-box bars. It’s designed with a shorter 19-inch top tube for smaller riders combined with a top-load stem for wheelie assist.

That said, Rival also features 14g steel spokes and RL 20 Alloy rims. These make it fast, with precision and optimum control. The reliable Tektro FX340 Rear U-Brake ensures your kid’s safety anytime they hop on the bike.


  • 14g steel spokes
  • RL 20 Alloy rims
  • 20 x 2.25” tires
  • 25.4mm Seatpost
  • Tektro FX340 Rear U-Brake


  • Not budget-friendly
  • The seat is not easy to adjust

Monocog 29er BMX Bike

Monocog 29er BMX Bike

This is one of the best Pro BMX bikes for racing and speed that Redline has ever produced. For freestyle, Monocog 29er is a great option. It’s suitable for almost all riding locations, especially skate parks and dirt jumps.

To make the front-end lift off easier, it comes with 7.5-inch handlebars. The monster pedals offer additional power for pedaling. Besides being light and responsive, the bike also performs well on a single-track featuring obstacles and tight twists. Take note it’s also phenomenal on an XC single-track.

If you are looking for the best bike for trails and gravel, then Monocog is the best choice. I can guarantee that some people will love it for the price and quality. It’s a very versatile single-speed mountain bike that is extremely durable and cool-looking.

The full Chromoly steel frame and the 29-inch wheels enable Monocog to roll over anything thrown at it. It’s equipped with Tektro MD-M300 mechanical disc brakes with 160 mm rotors. These provide stopping power and additional control over the bike.

Being light makes the bike extremely fast. The price is unbelievable considering the quality and combination of components that you get. This is one bike every serious racer should add to his bike collection.


  • Agile bike
  • Full Chromoly steel frame
  • 29-inch wheels
  • Tektro MD-M300 mechanical disc brakes
  • 7.5-inch handlebars


  • The saddle is uncomfortable
  • Not best for beginner riders

RL 275 BMX Bike

RL 275 BMX Bike

RL 275 BMX bike resembles the classic BMX cruiser. This is one of the best Redline’s BMX adult bikes. It comes equipped with ultra-fat 3-inch wide tires mounted on 27.5 Plus size rims. Fitted with a V-style handlebar and retro graphics, the bike offers you an old-school look with new school specs.

The Tektro mechanical disc and the Vee Speedster tires give you some float if you decide to cruise on the beach. RL 275 is not only solid but it also rolls nice. The handlebar and pedal grips offer you a comfortable and solid grip.

The 6062 Alloy frame features Disc Tabs and a full Chromo fork. There’s also a sealed integrated Headset 1 1/8” with an aluminum top cap. The front hub features a formula aluminum disc with Nutted Axle. Last but not least, the rear hub features a formula aluminum disc and cassette spaced for a single speed.


  • Great bike for adults
  • Equipped with ultra-fat 3-inch wide tires
  • 27.5-inch Plus size rims
  • V-style handlebar and retro graphics
  • Vee Speedster tires and Tektro mechanical disc


  • Not easy to remove the tires from the rim
  • Pricey

SQB-26 BMX Bike

SQB-26 BMX Bike

This is an improvised version of the Squareback BMX bike. It comes with a Chromoly steel fork together with an aluminum alloy frame. Would you like a BMX bike with vintage-style graphics? If you do, then the SQB-26 BMX bike is your best choice. It has a V-shaped handlebar and double head tube gussets that allow you to roll in retro style.

Thanks to the components being designed and developed for racing, you can also bust out a few laps at your local track. It features Vee Speedster 26 x 2.125-inch tires, a Redline sport saddle, and flight cranks.

The 14g stainless steel spokes and 36h Alloy rims make this bike superfast. Note that SQB-26 is suitable for all levels of riders.


  • It features a Chromoly steel fork
  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Best for all levels of riders
  • It comes with vintage-style graphics
  • V-shaped handlebar and double head tube gussets


  • Lacks a dropper post
  • Only available in 2 colors

Redline BMX Bike Alternatives

If you didn’t get a Redline BMX bike that meets your needs, check out the alternatives provided below. According to the people I interviewed, these were the best Redline BMX options.

Stolen Heist BMX Bike

Stolen Heist BMX Bike

If you want a BMX bike that can last long, then the best choice is the Stolen Heist BMX bike. It comes with sealed bearings. This is the reason why it lasts longer with less maintenance. This means that you’ll spend less time in the workshop and more time riding.

These bikes are not only strong but also reasonably priced. Besides being 9.25” high, Stolen Heist comes with tall bars. They are a great choice for riders that are a bit taller because they won’t strain their backs.

Get this bike if you want something that will make your ride comfortable and enjoyable. The price is also reasonable.


  • It features sealed bearings
  • Strong and durable
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comes with tall bars


  • Not easy to assemble
  • The saddle is uncomfortable

Kink Gap BMX Bike

Kink Gap BMX Bike

For the last few years, Kink Gap has been a good mid-priced bike. The good thing is every year it gets better. What makes it stand out from other models is the Freecoaster which is a rear hub with a clutch in it. It’s the main selling point of the Kink Gap.

This means that your pedals won’t need to be pedaled like on a normal hub if you do fakie tricks. However, when you pedal forward there will be a small gap before your drivetrain engages. This BMX bike comes with a 4130 steel frame, fork, and 80’s styling.

This is one of the bikes that are safe for getting out and shredding. The good news is that it’s also suitable for kids.


  • Budget-friendly
  • It features a Freecoaster
  • 4130 steel frame
  • 80’s styling
  • Strong and durable


  • There’s a small gap before your drivetrain engages
  • Not best for the professional riders

Eastern Traildigger BMX Bike

Eastern BMX Bikes

Eastern is one of the popular brands when it comes to the production of BMX bikes. Unfortunately, it has been out of operation for a few years. However, it won’t be long until they get back on top. The introduction of the latest Traildigger frame has taken Eastern to another level.

Even though it features a lot of 4130 steel in its construction, Eastern Traildigger is still reasonably priced. This makes it a favorite for most riders. It features fully sealed bearings meaning you are assured of a longer life with less maintenance.

The frame is suitable for older teens and adults thanks to the 20.75” top tube. The BMX bike is good for going down local dirt jumps or hitting skateparks. It only makes sense it was named Traildigger.


  • 4130 steel frame
  • Fully sealed bearings
  • Strong and durable
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • It features a 20.75” top tube


  • It may be difficult to assemble
  • Not best for kids

Redline BMX Bike Buying Guide

Redline BMX Bikes

Before making any BMX bike purchase, you should get knowledge of the product. This section provides you with some of the critical factors that you need to consider as you shop for your favorite Redline BMX bike. They include:


It’s recommendable that you refer to a size guide before buying a Redline BMX bike. It helps you choose a perfect fit bike. BMX bikes come in 4 different frame sizes with respective rider heights.

For kids buy a 16” BMX bike while 18” is suitable for small adults planning on doing some freestyle. Medium height riders should choose 22” while 24” is ideal for tall riders. Keep in mind for adult riders, 22” to 24” are recommended for more traction.

Note that you also need to consider the size of the wheels. This is because it directly affects speed and stability.


Most BMX bikes are made of steel. It features fatigue resistance, durability, and low maintenance cost. The other material used is aluminum because it’s light and durable. Carbon and Chromoly 4130 (known as CroMo) also feature in some Redline BMX bikes.


You should consider wider rims around 36 mm for handling hard hits. On the other hand, the standard 32 mm is popular in freestyle BMX bikes. Even though they may add more weight to the bike, their thickness offers more structural support.

Spoke Count

The number of spokes attached to rims adds more structural strength to your Redline BMX bike. This ensures there is a limit to the damage caused by tricks. The majority of BMX bikes feature 28 to 36 standard spokes. However, if you are on the heavy side, the number of spokes should be up to 48.

Gear Ratio

When it comes to BMX bikes, the gear ratio can be a bit confusing. The best BMX bikes feature a gear ratio of 25/9. Of course, the lower the gear ratio, the easier it is to pedal the bike.


BMX bikes come with rim brakes. To slow momentum, the pads contact the rim. For the rear brakes, freestyle bikes feature U-brakes with “Gyro” or “detangler” braking systems. It means you can comfortably spin a full 360 degrees. This is without the brake cable getting tangled thanks to the detangler function.

Such a feature enables you to try advanced tricks such as tailwhips and barspins. When it comes to Race BMX bikes, note that you can apply the front brake.

Which is the Best Type of BMX Bike for You?

BMX Bike

The best BMX bike depends on your riding style and the area you are going to ride on. That said, there are several types of BMX bikes on the market. They include:

Race BMX Bikes

These are the original BMX bikes. They started featuring in the 1970s when kids began racing bikes on dirt tracks. These models specialize in speed and acceleration. For stiff and durable construction, they are composed of materials like aluminum and Chromoly.

For faster and upright handlebars, the frame is built to sit in a higher and more upright position. They feature light wheels and thinner tires with knobby treads for more traction. The Race BMX Bikes have the most stopping power thanks to the rear linear-pull brakes.

Freestyle BMX Bikes

This model of BMX bike works well for you if you are a big fan of stunts and tricks such as wheelies and one-tire stands. There are several options for freestyle BMX bikes. They include flatland, trail, street, vert, and park.

Jumping BMX Bikes

From the name “Jumping BMX Bikes” these bikes make riders get off the ground as a riding style. What makes them unique is their lightweight nature. They feature heavier treads and more rigid spokes. They also come with rear-only brakes.

Redline BMX Bikes FAQs

Question: Does Redline Produce Good BMX Bikes?

Answer: Yes it does. The American-based BMX Bike Company produces some of the best BMX bikes in the world. For instance, Monocog is the best pro Redline BMX bike for speed and racing. Besides being light and responsive, it also performs well on single-tracks.

Question: Who Manufactures Redline BMX Bikes?

Answer: Redline bike brand was sold to Seattle Bike Supply in 1988. Currently, it’s owned by Alta Cycling Group after acquiring it in 2019. However, the operations are carried out by Regent, L.P. They manufacture BMX, mountain, freestyle, and cyclocross bikes and components.

Question: What’s The Weight of a Redline Bike?

Answer: The Redline BMX bike weighs about 22.5 pounds.

Question: Which Is the Best Freestyle Redline BMX Bike?

Answer: The Redline Asset 24 is an exceptional bike. It’s best for dirt jumps and skate parks. The wide base and 7.5-inch handlebars make the front-end lift-off easier. Note that the monster pedals also offer additional power for pedaling.

Bottom Line

Redline offers various models of BMX bikes. They produce bikes for both kids and adult riders. If you are looking for a good BMX bike that your kids can practice tricks and stunts with, then choose the Rival Redline BMX bike. It features Big Box handlebars and 25-9 micro-gearing.

For bike racing competitions, I recommend you choose the Proline Redline BMX bike. It’s well designed for competitive racers. Alternatively, opt for the MX BMX Race bike if you are new to BMX riding. One of the best features of this bike is it is affordable.

If Redline BMX bikes don’t meet your needs, get the Stolen Heist. Being 9.25” high makes it suitable for tall riders. This means that they won’t strain their backs. Choose Eastern Traildigger if you have older teens in your family. The fully sealed bearings assure you of a longer life with less maintenance.